Tylosin tartrate

Gentamycin sulfate



Swine, bovine, dogs, cats and poultry: respiratory tract disease as CRD, pneumonia, pleuropneumonia, pasteurellosis, digestive tract diseas as enteritis, gastro-enteritis, diarrhea, paratyphoid, genital infection, mastitis, metritis.


DOSAGE: Once daily intramuscular injection for 3 – 4 days.

- Bovine: 1 ml/ 25 – 30 kgs B.W

- Swine, goats, sheep: 1 ml/ 20 kgs B.W

- Dogs, cats, poultry: 1 ml/ 15 kgs B.W

Contra-indications: Do not use for hypersensitive animals to any component.

Withdrawal time: 07 days before slaughter.


PRESERVATION: Store in a cool place and keep out of direct sunlight