History begin

NAPHAVET Co., Ltd. – one of the best pharmaceutical veterinary manufacturers Vietnam, owns the modern factory, which located at 159 Bui Cong Trung St., Nhi Binh Ward, Hoc Mon Dist., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


NAPHAVET CO., LTD specializes in manufacturing of veterinary medicines and other animal health care products for cattle, poultry and aquaculture according to international standard. NAPHAVET gradually asserts the value of trade-name and belief as the evaluation of customers and trustful organizations. Finally, the very first achievement of 10 successful years was the GMP – WHO certificate for production lines of non-beta Lactam of solution and powder in 2012.


NAPHAVET Co., Ltd. – Customer satisfaction is our success

Quality of human resources is known as prerequisite factor for NAPHA’s sustainability. Therefore, the quality and quantity of staffs had been investing since the very first beginning and up to now, there are many engineers, masters, chemists and other positions with a fully active, united, creative and energetic.


NAPHA regularly update and invest many modern facilities, materials and processes with a high standard of America and Europe. NAPHA had always been the first company which applying the newest technologies, antibiotics, herbal extracts and microorganisms to create the products as high quality as possible with safety and effectiveness in treatment for livestock.


NAPHA’s products are evaluated by both domestic and international cooperators as copious type, attractive packing, sustainable quality and reasonable price. Practically, NAPHA have manufactured medical products, including antibiotic, Vitamin, feed additives and disinfectant.

Quality is a very high priority at NAPHA. We only want to offer our customers the best. That is why we at NAPHA operate under strict GMP and GMP+ guidelines. By operating according to GMP guidelines, we can guarantee the quality and safety of all our products. Factory operations are carried out according to strict health and safety requirements, and regular analyses and controls are performed to safeguard the quality of raw materials and finished products. This means that the end user is always assured of high-quality products.  NAPHA has its own laboratory, where raw materials and finished products are analyzed. Before raw materials can be used in the production process, they must first be quarantined. Raw materials may only be released after they have been analyzed and approved. The same method is used in the analysis of the final product; it can only be shipped after being first analyzed then released. This means that NAPHA can guarantee the quality and reliability of every product.


15 years of development and innovation – NAPHA always tries to obtain the sustainable prospection basing on a fundamental guideline: Customer satisfaction is our success. According to NAPHA’s executive committee, quality will be the core factor of durable development. Simultaneously, NAPHA also aims to bring the highest quality of Vietnamese medical products to international livestock and veterinary.


Our Range of Products and Services:

Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, Nutritional products, Premixes, Disinfectants, Large animal products and all kind of aqua products.